Royal Dry Cleaning has been family owned and operated since 2003, providing the very best in garment cleaning services to Jacksonville and St. Augustine. We have based our business around three simple principals; Quality, Service and being Eco-friendly.
Our friendly, knowledgeable garment care experts are here to assist you and take care of all your dry cleaning, tailoring, and laundry needs. When your garments are left in our hands, you can rest assured that they will be carefully handled and inspected from start to finish. Your clothes are returned to you packaged fresh, clean and ready to wear. You’ll look and feel great!
We provide premium dry cleaning services without using toxic chemical solvents that dry cleaners use. As the nationally recognized leader in professional wet-cleaning technology, Royal's mission is to provide the highest quality garment care using methods and materials that are healthy for our customers, our workers, and the environment. Your clothes come back cleaner, fresher and more comfortable than traditional dry cleaned clothes.
Our Mission
Our vision is to become industry leaders in environmentally-friendly dry cleaning by utilizing: revolutionary, cutting edge technology, environmentally-safe products with innovative quality checks and balances and cost-effective promotion and growth models. All while providing the highest quality garment care services using methods and materials that are healthy for our customers, workers, and the environment.
Cleaning Done Right or We Will Make It Right
No Toxic Chemicals
Garments Pressed To Perfection
Orders Delivered on Time, Every Time
Standard Shirt Buttons Replaced
Courteous and Responsive Service

Besides being fast, reliable and quality dry cleaners, we also love to do one more thing - Saving the Earth!

In doing laundry, we separate colors - whites, reds, blues, yellows and multi-colors. But with every batch of clothes that go through our shop, we add a touch of Going Green in them.

At Royal Dry Cleaners, we contribute to helping save our environment with eco-friendly ways

When we give your clothes tender loving care, we only use Eco-Friendly solvents.

Saving the earth can be done in so many ways. When you become our customer, you get two benefits. Your clothes are given quality treatment and you also participate in Going Green.

If you like to save the earth, come to our shop! You will be happy to know that we fully support this movement by being Eco-Friendly dry cleaners.


Enjoy the Convenience of Royal Dry Cleaning at your Front Door for FREE

Royal Dry Cleanings now is available to you right at your home or office. 

Convenience - Your life will be much easier as you will never have to spend time at the cleaners again. This service is available twice a week for home or office delivery.

Free! Free! Free! - Royal Dry Cleaning offers this service absolutely free. Unlike many of our competitors, our prices are exactly the same as if you took your garments to any of our regular stores.

Simplicity - All of your transactions will be automatically charged; no money handling will be needed.

Guaranteed Satisfaction - We are committed to ensuring your continued loyalty and satisfaction.

Getting Started - It is easy to get started using Royal's free pickup and delivery service at your home or office. Simply click here to sign up.


Royal Cleaners offers Same Day Service for Dry Cleaning & Laundry, Monday through Friday. 

“In by 9 am, out by 5 pm”

Questions? Call us at 904-824-1480

Same Day Service is not available for Pickup & Delivery Service.



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