At Royal Cleaners we use the best cleaning systems, detergents, and equipment to ensure your garments come back as clean, bright, soft, and stain-free as possible. Add in the personal hand pressing and the detailed inspection each garment receives, and you know your clothes will look their best.

Professional Alterations & Repairs

Let our professional tailors help you achieve the perfect fit. From minor repairs to extensive tailoring and alterations, our professional tailors will help you look your best.

They know the proper fit for garments and will guide you through the fitting process. Professional alterations can make a good fitting garment a great fitting one!

Shirt Laundry


Our shirts are washed with the latest ozone technology. This allows us to use less chemicals and a lower water temperature while still maintain the highest degree of soil removal. Our laundry service keeps your shirts clean, crisp and bright. We replace broken or missing buttons at no extra charge. Whether you prefer No Starch, Heavy Starch, or something in the middle; we can satisfy your preference.

Wedding Grown Preservation

You have invested a great deal on that special dress. If not cared for after the wedding, it will become yellowed and damaged with the passing years. Hidden stains like perspiration, champagne, or sugar will usually yellow in less than 4 years if not removed. Further, improper storage can be as damaging as doing nothing at all. Give your gown proper care now, and your gown can be safely stored and used for generations to come.

When you bring your Wedding Gown to us, we make sure no shortcuts are taken in the processing and heir looming of your gown. Prior to cleaning, all stains are gently pre-spotted to assist in removal. Next, your garment is cleaned in a special mild agitation process, along with our unique Green Earth detergents to bring out the brightness our your gown. Two employee work to professionally press and preserve your gown. Our preservation boxes are 100% acid free and our methods are those recommended by the International Fabricare Institute. The task of preserving a wedding gown is multi-faceted.

Wash & Fold

Why deal with the hassle of doing laundry when you can have our professional cleaners do it for you? We’ll separate whites and colors before washing so you can literally “take a load off”. We neatly fold and package your items so they are easy to pick up and just as easy to put away.

Laether ,Fur & Suede



Your leather garments need professional care to keep their skin from drying out and cracking. You can trust Royal Dry Cleaning to gently clean and recondition the garment's skin. Your leather garments are cleaned in a special solution used only for leather and suede, and finishing is done on equipment designed just for pressing these sensitive garments. Do not utilize a standard cleaners, as textile solvents will harden and ruin your suede and leather garments.

Fur garments need to be professionally cleaned and maintained. With age and environmental factors, the underlying animal skin can dry out, crack, and deteriorate. Professional cleaning and glazing will replace the oils on the fur and the skin, and help prolong the life of your fur.

Household items

bedding, table linens, or sheets, Royal Dry Cleaning will beautifully clean and restore their colors. With our unique Green Earth cleaning process, your households will be gently processed to remove stains and brighten colors. Finishing includes steaming and hand finishing when necessary. Household items should be cleaned regularly to prolong their life and remove stains before they are set.

Your draperies are one of the largest home furnishing investments you make. In order to keep them looking their best, trust our professional drapery cleaning service. With our 10 years fabric cleaning experience, we are experts at safely and effectively restoring your draperies. Colors and textures will come back alive, and the life of your draperies will be extended with regular cleaning.


Persian rugs, oriental rugs, dhurries, silk rugs, area rugs, runners, braided rugs and custom cut padding. You should only entrust these valuable treasures to an expert rug cleaner. A Cleaner World's oriental rug cleaning experts are knowledgable and experienced professionals you can trust.


Soil removal is the next step - soil that ordinary vacuums can't remove. The oriental rug is inverted over a protective grid then vibrated with a special machine that pushes soil particles and dust out of the rug fibers. The dirt is removed before cleansers are ever applied. This prevents massaging the dirt deeper into the rug. 




As a locally-owned and operated business, Royal Dry Cleaners holds the communities we serve dear to our hearts. The men and women of uniform in our communities work hard at what they do – and we like to show them our appreciation! That's why we offer a 25% uniform discount for military personnel, firefighters, police officers, choir robes, band uniforms and airline employees.

Let us help keep your uniform looking clean, bright and wrinkle-free. Our garment cleaning specialists are able to care for any type of material, including fine leathers or costume fabrics.